We are A Complete Real Estate Service!

Check our websites - Start with
Google “Aamerican Property Management” to see the back door to our web activity

Powerful Web Presence - Examples Follow

Florida Today Newspaper Advertising

Our newspaper ads run 7-days each week

Our business plan focuses on keeping properties occupied year-round even for seasonal rentals:

Maintaining property value
Fully preparing properties for rental; Maintaining properties during the rental period, and Re-establishing original rented condition

There are countless sites that pick up our blogs and web activities.

Our combination of web presence and newspaper advertising allows us to compete very successfully. We are very successful in obtaining a reasonable
rental rate and secure tenants in a timely manner
It is no different for a “for sale” property or a “short-sale” property - on our system - it will be seen, it will be shown, and it will be rented or sold

Tenants Have Support As Well
Click on the RENTERS tab Tenants may pay rent online Enter a maintenance request Provide monthly tenant newsletter


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